Science based solutions for optimal performance


Science based solutions for optimal performance

Providing peace of mind at every stage of the calf rearing process

Sprayfo offers products and protocols for rearing calves, from the moment that a calf is born until it is ready to be inseminated. All of these state of the art calf products and protocols are based on the latest scientific insights about calf rearing, generated and presented to you under the LifeStart umbrella.

The Sprayfo calving protocol, the Sprayfo colostrum protocol and Sprayfo Colostrum will support calves during the first, crucial days of their lives.

Sprayfo calf milk replacers ensure optimum growth until the calves are weaned. The Sprayfo range of calf milk replacers and feeding protocols offer a choice between premium products, in case maximum calf growth is the target, as well as more basic products in case of less intensive, more cost driven calf operations.

Sprayfo calf starters and the Sprayfo weaning protocol ensure a smooth weaning process for calves.

Throughout the entire calf rearing process, managing calf health is crucial for the perfect calf rearing outcome. Sprayfo health products and protocols help supporting calf health. Jointly, these products and protocols for calves will provide you peace of mind.

Review your farm performance

Working on, or managing a dairy farm is a challenging task; day-to-day routines demand most of your time. Are your operating procedures well set? Do you get the most out of your work? Tough questions if you don't have any reference at hand.

That is why we are now offering you a simple tool which gives you feedback based on results from fellow farmers around the world. It can help you find opportunities for even better results.


A proven concept for healthier calves and better performance

Supported by LifeStart science, Sprayfo offers a complete range of calf-rearing solutions that ensures optimal development during the early stages of life, resulting in a healthier and more robust cow that’s ready for high milk production. This allows you to produce more milk with fewer cows and to reduce the amount of young-stock, increasing the average lifetime daily milk production to the maximum. As a result, you can develop a truly sustainable dairy farming business.